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This historic site and monument was erected here in 2014. It presently owes it’s survival to a small but dedicated group of volunteers. It’s tenth anniversary will be in July of 2024, the date of the next World Acadian Congress. We have very limited funds for it’s upkeep and future. Our association consists of the more aging population. We do need your help to build up a good foundation for this site’s future. So please, before leaving our webpage, go to DONATE. For this, we sincerely thank you.

Ce monument et site historique érigé depuis 2014, depends maintenant Presque totalement de quelques bénévoles. Le Congrès Mondial Acadien de 2024 sera à sa dixième anniversaire. On a très peu de fonds et on a vraiment besoin de les augmenter. On est un association de gens assez agés, donc, on a besoin de votre aide. SVP allez à DONATIONS avant de nous quitter. Merci beaucoup.