Nova Scotia Museum: Very Interesting on line "Acadian" published reports. Take a look, you may like this!


NOTE:  You may wish to check out the web pages listed below to have access to the reports. Your comments would be appreciated. 




1. Excavations at Site BeDi-2 Belleisle Annapolis County 1972


2. Curatorial Report No. 48 Belleisle 1983: Excavations at a Pre-Expulsion Acadian Site, David Christianson, 1984

Actual report is not on line yet! However, a summary is in the below report!



3. Curatorial Report No. 65 Belleisle, Nova Scotia, 1680-1755, Marc Lavoie, 1987



4. Curatorial Report No. 87 Looking into Acadie: Three Illustrated Studies, 1999