We are asking for your help


As we enter the new year, we cannot help feeling some of what our ancestors felt on this date in 1755.The LeBlanc Association and friends who are supporting us in maintaining and beautifying their memorial in Bellisle are asking for help. We are small in number but high in enthusiasm. We have had a local artisan place a photo on canvas for a draw on August 17, 2019 at the LeBlanc family reunion in Shediac, New Brunswick(CMA2019). We will have an information table there and a presentation on the LeBlanc monument and the marsh where they and their neighbours worked. For every five dollars in donations to our association, we will enter your name in a draw (if your give 10 dollars, your name will be entered twice, 15 dollars...three times, and so on) for this beautiful canvas imprint. The draw will be held at this very family reunion in Shediac on August 17. In advance we thank you sincerely for your generosity. FACEBOOK: LeBlanc Association of Nova Scotia WEBSITE: www.monumentleblanc.com
However, any donations eligible for the draw will have to be sent by cheque via the postal services as your name, address, etc. cannot be provided to us by the credit card companies. We thank you for your understanding. Please write cheques to LeBlanc Association of Nova Scotia and mail to LeBlanc Association of Nova Scotia c|o Terry LeBlanc, 1728 Chemin Patrice, Box 148B, Concession, NS, Canada, B0W 1M0 Please include your name, address, phone#, and email if you wish to be in the draw. Many thanks. If you send an email transfer please send your contact info on the separate form provided on the website itself. Please click on donate, then, donations.